40 Best Paint Colors For Your Living Room

The personality of the people who live in it is reflected in the living room designs. Since you spend so much time in it, it should be comfortable and functional. Color has the power to create or ruin a room. An essential component of interior design is selecting appropriate colors for your space. Provided here is the list of 40 best paint colors for living room to choose from since color has a significant impact on a place and the people who inhabit it. Each color tone has a distinct meaning that has a major impact on your mood. The right color combination in your home may evoke a variety of emotions, including dramatic, aggressive, peaceful, cozy, relaxing, and pleasant feelings.

Best living room paint colors 2021

As a living room is a multipurpose area, picking the correct paint color has a huge influence. You may unwind after a hard day and spend time with your family and friends here. As a result, choosing a paint color that creates a place that suits your lifestyle is critical. Here is a selection of the most recent and attractive good colors to paint your living room. Get the list of the best paint colors for living room.

1. Grays and Whites in a contemporary style

The use of white and grey colors can help to create a sense of serenity and peacefulness. White is a versatile color that goes with any style of furniture and design sense. If you want to change your interior design, you don’t have to worry about repainting your walls. Modern grey, on the other hand, has a stylish, attractive modern style. The eye-catchy texture of this paint makes them the best paint colors for living room.

2. Colours in a Soft Muted Tone

Mint green, hazelnut, mushroom, and golden yellow are classic neutral hues that never go out of style. It creates a warm atmosphere in the home and goes with any type of furniture. Warmer neutral tones work well with modern farmhouse designs, while cooler neutral tones work well with a mid-century modern interior design aesthetic.

3. Sharp Black

Over the last few years, black-painted rooms have been increasingly fashionable, and the style has now fully hit popularity. Dark hues work beautifully with creams and yellows for a warmer vibe, as well as greys and whites for a chilling effect. It is a great living room accent wall color that brings the place up to date.

4. Revitalising blues

Vibrant blue colors are timeless, ageless, and calming to see. A bright hue of blue exudes a sense of relaxed elegance. For a calming shade of blue that will take you to a different location in your mind.

5. Pine green

The surroundings are soothing, with a dull pastel green blended with grey and a neutral palette. It exudes a lot of vibrancy and enthusiasm. Pine Green is a great way to connect with nature while also invoking tranquility and serenity.

6. Lush Reds & Aromatic Pinks

In the living area, blush pinks, light lavenders, and soft creams create an explosion of blush tones. In bohemian houses, classic glam, and contemporary living spaces, pink tones are very blooming.  These light, airy tones flatter all rooms and mix nicely with other hues, making them a refreshing alternative to conventional whites or beige.

7. Classic Grey & Blue 

Use a more neutral paint color to support your choices and make a strong impression with bold colors and bold furniture like this pink velvet lounge and square marble coffee table. Due to its classic & attractive look, this is the best paint colors for living room.

8. Living room colors in the orange style

The rusty orange color When combined with brown, pink, brown, and earthy hues, it may make a beautiful living room backdrop. Orange and blue color tones may offer the living room a delicate and stylish look that will greet visitors warmly from the moment they walk in.

9. Red and beige

To make the living area more dramatic and dynamic, choose strong colors like red and beige.

10. Blue and white 

Blue and white are a traditional color combination that works beautifully in the living room. The dramatic background for the majority of the room is the royal sapphire blue wall.

11. Yellow and neutral

Yellow and neutral colors are timeless and simple to mix. They are ideal because they do not necessitate as much attention. Yellow is one of those colors that brightens up a space, makes it seem warmer, and goes with a variety of decorating styles.

12. Green and blue

This color scheme, which includes a light green chair and a dark blue TV cabinet, adds a lot of interest to the room.

13. Sunny Yellow

This hue will brighten up your living area and fully convert it into a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

14. Lime green roof

The green ceiling will be the center of attention in the living area.

15. Lime green walls

It gives the living room a new dimension, transforming it from sophisticated to some kind of fancy.

16. Pink paint with a glossy finish

This tone is one method to make your space stand out. Hang your favorite works of art, pictures, and prints on the wall to complete the space.

17. Pastel Colors

The use of pastels in the living area gives it a sweet and pleasant appearance.

18. Eggshell blue

This is a gentle and understated option for a calm living area. Light blue quickly adds a sense of serenity and quiet to any space, giving it a seaside vibe.

19. Yellow and pink

A lively environment is created by combining yellow and pink colors with a touch of blue.

20. Olive green

Green is a bold color that instantly transforms the area into a stylish winter escape.

21. Mustard yellow living room

The most popular color is mustard yellow, and earthy tones like cream or chocolate can be used to enhance the yellow’s softness.

22. Grey and pink

Consider using this soothing shade of pink with a beautiful grey design to give your living area an oriental feel.

23. Dark deep blue ocean color

Use the deepest blue to create a relaxing living room. Dark wall color will draw attention to your furniture and decorations.

24. Soft blue color living room

This color is a wonderful mix of warm and cold tones. The timber flooring gives warmth, while the blue-painted walls create a chilly atmosphere.

25. Pink & white

This color scheme enhances the beauty of your living space while also providing a sense of tranquility.

26. Jade green

Deep green to all of your living room walls, make a focal point in your own house by creating a calm oasis.

27. Lavender & white

Any space will seem delicate and beautiful with this color combination.

28.  shade of gray-brown 

Grey and brown shade is a warm color that expresses our present desire for calm and stability.

29. Valspar colors

This color combination has a lot of brightness and warmth, yet it is also delicate and elegant.

30. Purple tone

The color purple represents dignity, majesty, mystery, and enchantment, and there is no more magical color for your living room walls.

31. Shining silver

Silver is linked with elegance and luxury, and adding it into your living room can make a huge impact. The room’s sober grey, black, and white tones are brightened with delicate silver accents.

32. Teal and red

This is the most up-to-date and stylish interior color for a living room.

33. Golden and green 

This combination creates a space making it a wonderful location for both parents and children to hang together.

34. Classic black and white

The traditional black-and-white color combination in the living area adds elegance.

35. Charcoal color

The design is given uniqueness by the charcoal-colored walls.

36. Elegant beige

Beige is a timeless color that makes a space feel as light as possible and goes with a variety of design styles.

37. Mint and pale grey

This color combination creates a light and airy atmosphere.

38. Modern earth tone

This earthy palette is the most soothing and opulent lifestyle color.

39. Purple & red 

The boldest colors for your living space are purple ceilings and red walls, which make you feel energetic.

40. Relaxing indigo

The indigo-toned living room offers a pleasant, warm, organic, and authentic environment.

How to make a living room look bigger and brighter?

Light color schemes make a living space appear larger and brighter. Light and brilliant walls reflect more light, making a place feel more open and spacious. This aids in maximizing the influence of natural light. Dark hues, on the other hand, absorb light, making spaces feel smaller. Accent walls provide a splash of color to the room without becoming too overwhelming. Use soft tones like off-white, blues, and greens to maximize the illusion of space. Rooms that are brighter appear to be larger and more inviting. To make a space look larger, paint the wall trim and moldings a lighter color than the walls.


The color palette you choose for your living room sets the standard and captures the mood. These living room color ideas will give your room a new appearance that you can simply adjust to fit your design style. Choose from these cool colors for living room walls to make the area feel warm and inviting. The typical combination of white and brown or canary yellow is used in most modern living rooms. Experiment with a different living room paint mix if you want to stand out without sacrificing style.

Most individuals find choosing the finest living room paint colors difficult. Especially the one room in your house that draws everyone’s attention as it is an area where you can interact with family and entertain guests. Provided here is the list of trending nice colors to paint your living room and Exaggerate the size of the room while making it more inviting and comfy. Here n this blog, we have shared the information for the best paint colors for living room. I hope the above information will help you a lot more in choosing the right paint color for your living space.

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