Attract customer to your bar, cafe or restaurant with a unique and cool interior.

Apart from good food or services the one thing which fascinates people the most is the interior design of the restaurant, bar or cafe.

Then why worry so much!! Get your restaurant, bar interiors designed by the best interior experts of Dshell Design. We are one of the most trusted interior designer firms in Noida and Delhi NCR region.

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Make your bar interior more stunning & attractive with Dshell Design

We always consider the interior or exterior where we eat or drink. Now, good food is not an only priority even people give too much importance to the place where they sit.  So, if you don’t have a good interior in your bar or cafe you may lose many customers. If you are also willing to give a majestic and stunning look to your restaurant interior design. Then why wait so much!! Get the best restaurant or bar interior designing services form the experts. Contact our Dshell Design team and make your bar or cafe more unique and attractive.

Find top Restaurant Interior Designers, Professionals for Renovation

If you have a restaurant or bar and you are losing your customers because of the lack of good interior design. Then, you really need to meet a great interior designer who can do the required changes to your space, furniture, lighting, color and texture of your restaurant interior. A perfect combination of all these can help you to get the best interior design for your restaurant and bars.

We here at Dshell Design can help you to achieve all of this. Our team of experts and professionals will help you to get your dream restaurant or bar interior. Dshell Design has a dedicated and passionate team of interior designers and architects who are experts in their field. We provide all interior design facilities under one roof.

Dshell Design is one of the best bars and restaurant interior designers in the Noida and Delhi NCR region. Our main motive is to provide the best artistic and stunning look to your restaurant interior. Our team always tries to make your dream restaurant or bar a reality.


How do we give a magnificent and stunning look to your restaurant or bar interior?

We understand the real need and exceptions of our clients. We know how interior designing work really matters to you. That is why we also want you to know how we work perfectly in order to achieve your dream restaurant or bar interior. We work transparently so that our valuable customers can also see how we work precisely in order to achieve their dream restaurant or bar interior. Well, we do our work in two phases i.e., the initial phase and the execution phase.

Let’s discuss these phases in details:

Initial phase

Basically in the initial phase, we do all the necessary work that helps us in giving a brief idea about the project. The initial phase will help us in determining the space planning, cost estimation, and the time taken to build a beautiful bar or restaurant interior. This process involves some necessary steps which are as follows:

  • Whenever the client reaches us we first take all the necessary details. This is because we want to know the real desire and expectation of the client that he really wants in their bar interior.
  • In the next process, we make a detailed plan of the project. This will help us in determining the budget and time required to build the interior.
  • After that, we give an affordable budget and time limit to the customers. This will help our customers to get the proper idea and theme behind the interior design.

Then comes the real challenging part i.e., the execution phase. Let’s have a look at it.

Execution phase

The execution phase is the real challenging part of interior designing. This is because it is the phase where we do all major changes in your restaurant interior. Maybe this phase is challenging and tough but we have a team of experts who can handle all these with ease. In this phase, we handle all the major changes like space execution, furniture placement, lighting, colors, textures, and many more.

  • In the first step, we first build a proper space plan for your restaurant. This will help us giving a proper utilization of the available space so that we could make your restaurant look more spacious from inside.
  • After that, we decide the color and texture that should be applied over the walls and floor. We choose the best design and patterns for the restaurant interior in order to give it a majestic look.
  • After that, we work on the lighting and ventilation for your restaurant or bar interior. We use various task lighting, ambient lighting, or accent lighting in order to give make the interior environment more beautiful.
  • Then come the really challenging task i.e., the proper selection and placement of furniture. We make sure to use perfect furniture that can be helpful in managing space. This furniture can easily blend with the interior of the restaurant.
  • In the final step, we place beautiful decor in which can help to give a better impression on the customers who visit your restaurants.

So, in this way we do all the major changes in the interiors in order to get a perfect restaurant or bar interior design. After all these you can easily grab the attention of the customers towards your restaurant. You can now easily stunned them easily with the beauty of your interior.

Why choose Dshell Design for your restaurant and bar interior?

A bar or restaurant is a place to cheer your leisure time with food and drinks. It is the place where you can talk continuously with other guys in the context of various subjects in society. So it is just like a social place. What if we create an interior design to give your bar and cafe a unique and magnetic look, well it is only a matter of effort to find out.

Our team of expert interior designers and architects help you to give a beautiful and stunning interior design for your bar, cafe, and restaurant. It will help you to attract a lot of visitors which in turn makes your profit increase. So this is a useful or some sort of necessary thing to rejuvenate your bar that comes with both fame and wealth.

For an effective look at your bar, you need to consider the location of your bar, the type of the customers and society, so that you can get maximum out of your bar.  An Aesthetic interior decor of the bar can be the most appealing one to the visitors. Remember that a customer not only comes to eat or drink in the bar but also comes in search of the appreciation of the surrounding beauty.

Dshell design team is known as one of the best restaurant, bar interior designers in Noida and Delhi NCR. So now, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional Bar interior specialist that can take your Bar design to the exceptional level that really works.

We have experience in executing challenging projects for the interior design of the home interior, hospitality, bar designing, nightclubs, restaurants, our team is well experienced in managing all projects very well.

The interior of your building defines your Success. 
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