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A Global Look at Sofa Styles

You are returning home after a tough day at work, and as soon as you’re home, you sink into your plush velvet Chesterfield or a vibrant Moroccan sofa. Instantly, all your exhaustion and stress seem to disappear, and you find yourself in an alternate universe defined by comfort and relaxation. Then, you switch on your large-screen TV and binge-watch your favorite shows before it is time to hit the bed.

Sofas are not just mere furniture pieces. They are the epitome of comfort and portals to different cultures. Buckle up, design enthusiasts and homeowners in India. In this guide, we will take you through an exciting journey of discovering global sofa styles that you can bring into your living room and be the person of this world, not just your country or region. Luckily, due to globalization, all kinds and styles of sofas are available in a premium sofa store in Kolkata. If personalization is available, you can even ask the store to design you a sofa according to the style and design you prefer.

East Asia

East Asia is all about minimalist flair and zen comfort. The sofa styles found in East Asian countries tell stories of togetherness, traditions, and cultures.

  • In traditional Japanese homes, you will find the Tatami Sofa. This is a low-profile seating directly built on tatami mats and the woven straw flooring embodies Japanese design. Often crafted from dark wood with minimal cushioning, this sofa reflects a culture that values connection and simplicity.
  • Step into a traditional Indian home and you will be greeted with sofa styles that have been born out of diverse design influences. One such popular and staple style is the Diwan. This is a versatile piece of furniture that is used for seating during the day and transforms into a comfortable bed at night with the addition of bolsters and cushions. Charpoy is another traditional and stylish sofa option that is originally from Bengal. They are usually adorned with colorful cushions and fabrics, adding an ethnic flair to any living space.

West Europe

Western European countries focus on high-end luxury and relaxation. Hence, their sofa designs and styles are all about opulence and meeting relaxation.

  • Have you seen a Chesterfield sofa? This is a quintessential British sofa that is considered the epitome of timeless elegance and grandeur. The Chesterfield sofa is usually found in distinguished gentleman’s clubs, standing tall with its deep button tufting, rich leather, and rolled arms. This is an iconic piece that never goes out of style and is found today adorning homes across the globe. Don’t be surprised if you find the Chesterfield sofa in high end furniture stores in Kolkata.
  • Step into a French home, and you will be greeted with the Lawson sofa. This is a touch more formal than the British Chesterfield. The Lawson sofa features a high back, rolled arms, and an exposed wooden frame. It offers a touch of regality. Another incredible creation that originated in France is the Chaise Lounge. Those who truly appreciate lounging love the Chaise Lounge. This elongated chair embodies pure luxury, and its angled backrest offers the right amount of comfort for reading a book or simply scrolling through your phone.


The USA offers a vibrant tapestry og design influences that are reflected in their sofa styles. For instance, the mid-century movement was born in the USA and it continues to captivate design enthusiasts till date. The mid-century sofas are defined by functionality, clean lines, and natural materials like wood and leather. A mid-century modern sofa with tapered legs looks fabulous in homes enjoying minimalism.

When talking about sofa styles born in the USA that influence the world, we cannot forget about the sectional sofa. This sofa reigns supreme and is even considered a premium furniture in Kolkata and other parts of the world. The Sectional comes in a range of upholstery options and configurations. Sectionals look best in spacious living rooms or family rooms.

Also, we cannot forget the Recliner! The Recliner Sofa is the benchmark of comfort and relaxation. Not only in American homes, but the Recliner has emerged as the symbol of relaxation in homes across the globe. This ingenious invention features manual or motorized reclining mechanisms, allowing you to kick back and blow off steam after a long time.

Africa And The Middle East

As you venture into Africa and the Middle East, you will encounter sofa styles and designs prioritizing comfort and reflecting the importance of gathering. For example, the Ottoman. The Ottoman is a low, cushioned seat that is usually paired with a backrest and is a staple in many Middle Eastern homes. Due to their flexibility and versatility, the Ottomans have become a global icon in comfort and are found in homes across the globe. Some homeowners even prefer to place the Ottoman in their bedroom for added comfort.

There’s also the Majlis sofa that is found in traditional Arab living rooms. This sofa is all about hospitality and is indicated carved with wood. It supports low seating with plush cushions and ornate backrests.

When in Morocco, you will encounter vibrant sofas with a touch of exoticism. The sofa is characterized by intricate geometric patterns, bold colors, and rich textures. They are truly a feast for the eyes. These brightly colored sofas can bring to life any living room and transport you to a world of vibrant culture.

Final Thoughts: Create Your Personal Oasis With Global Sofa Styles

Do you consider yourself a global citizen? If so, your home should reflect the same. Instead of sticking to traditional sofa set styles and designs, break away from the mold. Decorate your Indian home with a Chesterfield to add a regal touch or a vibrantly colored Moroccan sofa to showcase your bold personality. Showcase your love for Japanese culture with a Tatami sofa, or embrace your Indian roots with a Diwan.

So, assess your needs, personal style, and the overall design aesthetics of your home and then decide on the sofa style. All the best!

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