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Health Benefits of Houseplants: Well Being

There is no surprise that plenty of fresh air and regular exercise is a great way to boost physical & Mental wellbeing. But do you know indoor gardening and houseplants are good for health? There are many plants that give health benefits of houseplants which are good and easily available in the market.

You don’t have to be an expert to understand the benefit of plants. Houseplants are important not only for house decor, but it also helps you to be well being by carrying your good health.

According to research, it is proved that interior plants are good for buildings and surrounding people.

The benefit of houseplants

benefits of house plants

Plants help to reduce stress, to live life as well-being.

Most of us like greenery to make yourself comfortable and healthy, by reducing the stress.

Everyone is living in the house but why they all do not look fresh every morning, it is just because of the interior design and stress.

☞ People in the office are more productive, just because of the interior design of office space.

☞ Plants release oxygen which is taken by a human, it helps to maintain the blood circulation of the body.

☞ Maintain blood circulation decrease the pressure of the brain, as a result, we feel stress-free.

How houseplants increase mental well beings

House plant is directly related to the mental wellbeing because it helps to get a good health. Let’s take a look:

By releasing chemical:

☞ It is not important that indoor fun like watching TV or book reading can give you a smile.

You can get happiness by decorating your home with the help of houseplants. Try to adopt gardening as a hobby to make your body healthy.

☞ Active body release endorphins(chemical of a brain which gives happiness).

Scenery changes mood

☞ Houseplants have a lot of varieties and color options that can change the look of your home.

☞ Scientists have found that colorful houseplants can change your mood and makes you feel happier.

You don’t have to trust on my points, just make a few changes in your house with houseplant to get the output.

A study found that students improve 70% greater attentiveness when they’re taught where the plants are using either it’s a school or a tuition class.

Where the attendance was also higher in classrooms with plants are used to keep them active and fit.

Physical well Being can be observed by houseplants?

Maintain good respiratory

☞ Plants are directly connected to our breathing because they absorb Co2(Carbon dioxide).

☞ Oxygen released by plants creates a healthier environment.

Purifying the air

☞ Generally, in metropolitan cities, the cross-section area is less, due to that the purity level of the environment less.

☞ Poor air quality can cause headaches, dizziness, breathing problems.

Peace Lily, Boston Fern, and Spider Plants are best houseplants which increase the oxygen level of the house.

Reduce Pain level

According to a survey of hospitals, it has been reported to list that patients after operation feel less pain if they are surrounded by houseplants.

☞ Houseplant gives inspiration and comfort during treatment.

☞ It also helps to reduce sickness.

What is the well being Health benefits of houseplants?

Houseplants help to provide you a comfortable and natural environment inside the home. Due to a comfortable environment, you can feel stress-free and healthy. A healthy well-being mind can increase productivity and quality of work.

Let’s take a look:

☞ Increase Humidity.

☞ Decrease carbon dioxide levels.

☞ Also, reduce the pollution level by decreasing airborne dust levels.

☞ Maintain the temperature level,

☞ Decrease noise by controlling the eco of sound.

These are the best part of interior plant decor. Few plants which are best for your house are Jade plant(Used for healing pain), Orchid( Really act as a room freshener), Bromeliad, Spider plant(Control over dust), Lavender(help in sleep and relaxation) are the plants which increase well-being.

The best indoor plants you can use to live a healthy life like:-

Plants Name

Benefits by plants

Best use for it

Spider PlantPurifies air rapidly; removes formaldehydeLiving spaces
Dragon Tree1Purifies air; removes formaldehyde, benzene, and xyleneLiving spaces
Gerbera Daisy2Giving oxygen at night; purifies air by removing benzene and trichloroethyleneBedrooms to refresh nighttime air or living spaces
English IvyRemoves benzene from the airHome office
Boston FernHumidifies airLiving spaces and dry winter can quickly kill Boston ferns water the plants daily for best results
Snake PlantPurifies air; removes formaldehyde and nitrogen oxideLiving spaces, kitchens, rooms with wood stoves
Peace LilyRemoves mold from the airBathrooms or damp areas of a home

All these plant varieties can help you to keep the air clean and healthy to live life without any problems with your health and body also. Use this plant to keep your home surrounding refresh and energize.

Releasing Water To Maintain The Moisture

As a major part of the photosynthetic and respiratory procedures, plants release moisture which builds humidity of the air around them. Plants release around 97% of the water during the day when they take in.


Place a few plants together, and you can build the moistness of a room, which helps keeps respiratory problems under control. A study shows that utilizing plants in inside interior place it low the chances of dry skin, colds, sore throats, and dry coughs. All these plants are good for us to live a good life at home.

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