Best Architects in Noida: Top Companies & Architecture Firm

Design your dream project under the guidance of the best architects in Noida, here we listed top companies & architect firms in Noida. All these best architects & building designers beautifully design the construction plan within the client’s budget. As we know, every home interior & architect-designer speaks for himself if they are well designed. Also, you get extra positivity when you entered a place that is designed by a professional architect. This is what defines the importance of an architect for a home or any commercial space. We know that Noida is a hub of a number of successful interior & architect service provider firms. A full-service architectural firm converts any space into your dream place.

Home decor & architect service are generally considered as the aspects where you want the best teamwork for the desired ambiance. Hence it is important to choose the right firm that is an expert in modern as well as traditional design. To help you out, we have prepared this list that will help you pick the best architecture firm in Noida. These top companies can innovatively turn around your hustle into a sweet satisfactory experience.

List Of The Best Architects & Building Designers in Noida

This list is being curated just to provide you with the right kind of planning and assistance so that you design your space on your terms. Let’s get detailed information on the top 10 commercial architects companies in Noida.

1. DSHELL Design

Dshell Design Logo- the best architect in noida

DSHELL is one of the leading architecture firms in Noida which has earned its trust by not only providing perfection and quality in its services but also sincerely addressing the concerns and demands of its clients. It offers a wide variety of architectural services in Noida in the departments of your Interior service, exterior, furniture, and even lighting. Its head-turning ideas and approaches magically transform your old space into a brand new space that is just customized according to your taste, no less no more. Its affordable budgeted services have made it even more popular in re-defining your commercial, residential, institutional, or any other place of interest. Selection of the right material, proper design, helpful staff, knowledgeable experts, and creative decorators make your room, the best place in the world.

It models your interior with unique color codes, the smoothest texture, a beautiful arrangement of lights & sophisticated furnishings. It glamorizes your exterior with unique DSHELL designs as you prefer. Say it traditional, minimalist, trendsetter, Victorian, Colonial Revival, or modern sleek designs, there are endless options to choose from. It also provides you with a well-thought planning space by arranging the right kind of furniture for your space. Best customized furniture with multi-purpose features can meet your needs at a low-budgeted price. It is also pristinely talented in lighting up your rooms with a variety of lights that adds style and comfort to the place around you. Table lamps, wall lights & floor lamps are all specialties of the DSHELL team.


homes by design logo

Founded by Rahoul Bir Singh and Lakshmi Chand Singh, this company aims at delivering you a unique space that caters to your satisfaction in the first place. This company has N number of services that are enough to makeover your private space into a dreamland. An eye for perfection, an innovative mind, and an undeniable commitment are what it provides to make the end result beautiful. It renders services like building designs, floor plans, green building, 3D rendering, home renovation and remodeling, home extensions, new home construction, structural engineering, and space planning.

So far it has successfully completed 19 projects to earn success stories from its clients. Madhuban house, Gurgaon house, Courtyard house, and The clay company pottery store are some of its featured highlights that prove its credibility and uniqueness in creating awesome custom home designs. Thus it is a definite smart move to collaborate with the talented craftsmen of Homes by Designs to live your reality differently.


dld group logo

Run and Managed by industry experts, the DLD group stands for its standout analysis viewpoints and multidisciplinary staff to put forward the best results. The group deals with services in core areas such as architecture, interior design, engineering, project management, and construction management. The core management team with 20 years of experience knows well, how to customize the planning, design, and strategies according to the needs of the clients. The team includes architects, interior designers, engineers, and project managers, who have spread their wings to model professional as well as residential places.

Rated high by many, this efficient architect team does home architects, design architects, commercial architects, hospital design architects, industry architects, 2d and 3d elevation drawing architects, and many more.


architects atelier logo

This architectural firm is also one of the leading names in designing highly optimized blueprints which is a catch. It offers an undefeated commitment and constant support to build the best interiors and exteriors. Building design drawings and spa design architecture are some of its working areas. Close by in the locality of Noida, it is a helpful team of architects and designers that is excellent to meet your expectations.


safaiwale logo

If you are a Noida resident, looking for a combo of a variety of design options and a pocket-friendly budget, SAFAIWALE is the right option to look for. This architectural interior design service in Noida has primary expertise in High-end house design, Villa designs, and bungalows. It can design your house and offices in an eco-friendly manner that will have a personal touch to it. It is ready to provide you with the necessary innovative ideas and guide you to make the necessary selections regarding your own interior decor.

Its featured categories include kitchen cabinets, sofa dining tables, false ceilings including pop work, flooring, and tiling, texture paintings on walls, electric and switched fittings, bathroom fittings, etc. Whether it is designing your modular kitchen,  living room, study room, office room, or bedroom, SAFAIWALA is a cool option to find a reliable team, that is ready to dive into your dream project.


reckon architects logo

This 2000-born company is thriving in the architecture industry among its peers. The reason behind that is the evolved and elegant architectural designs and the divergent thinking in the execution of such plans. Reckon architects are interested in renewable and environmentally sustainable solution-based decor plans. Architectural designs, interior designs, Landscape, civil and structural designs are some of the featured works that make the architectural design firm stand out from the crowd.

From commercial construction and renovation to interior customized designs, Reckon Architects have proved their dedication and excellence in every single project. It is a firm that is highly praised in its testimonials for its variety and perfection.


cosmic architects logo

Cosmic architecture is a team of allied members who have mastered architectural designing and execution. Established in the year 1992 it has successfully reached many milestones in the development of socio-economic construction projects. It has a strong foundation and deep knowledge about planning, strategizing, conceptualizing, and building the blueprint of an apt design. Say it is economy, say it is cooperation, this company has it all. This company is quite experienced in analyzing the site and considering the core aspects, choosing the top-notch quality raw materials, knowing the constraints t of the project, and working on concepts that would shape the design in a unique way.

However, it has successfully bagged accolades from its clients due to its past innovative projects. It has built a number of Apartments, universities, hotels, and more than 500 residential firm houses over the past 3 decades. Her experience is truly joining hands with divergent ideas to bring out the best.


five elements infrastructure logo

Supervised under two directors, this architectural firm is grabbing eyeballs and appraisals due to its client satisfaction. It is highly recommended in its reviews and comments. Being in this industry for 11 years, this firm has painted an image of trust in the minds of its clients. It has been successfully delivering services like home interiors, home decor, space planning, 3D designing, and constructing bungalows, villas, apartments,s and duplex houses.

The company charges zero consultation fees and this opens a doorway for the customers to come forward and engage with the company even more. By the present date, the company has accomplished somewhere between 50 to 100 projects and has skillfully designed commercial architects, home architects, industrial architects, green architects, etc.


orionn architects logo

Orion architects are one of the eminent companies that are well-to-do in architectural designs, landscape designs, and interior designs. It includes a professional skilled team, which has experience of more than 10 years. From concept designing to execution, this architectural firm in Noida will make each step of the process effortless for you. It does projects on landscape interior designing and handover projects before due dates. The architect & interior works were done under the guidance of professionals & they believe to make your place more than beautiful.


kreation architects logo

It is a Noida-based well renowned architectural firm that is specialized in building residential, commercial, and institutional architecture. It has also accomplished many projects for hotels, resorts, and interior decor. This team uniquely caters to its customers on the basis of their needs, lifestyle, choice, budget, and space requirements. Their services not only involve professional supervision in architecture and civil works but also interior decor projects and Vaastu suggestions.

The professionals also work on trendsetting ideas that bring in, a trendy, sophisticated yet spacious look to the everyday setup of the room. The professional acumen, excellence, and hard work have beautifully paid off as the achievements of the team have been brought out in magazines like Green construction and Design.


Archdeslab is a modern interior & architect company in Noida that works with ethical functioning to design the structure & layout of a home or office space. This best architect company in Noida provides their service for residential, commercial & other habitual spaces. The organization is fully committed to serving the best architecture design service from beginning to end of the project. All the works related to architecture & interior reformation proceed under the supervision of a highly skilled & qualified team. They always try to fulfill every single requirement of the client with effective & turnkey solutions. The architecture team always looks for the best & effective solution.


Urban India Design Company Logo

Urban India company is the best-specialized company of architect & interior firm in Noida. Their motives are to provide exclusive designs to our clients which are beyond the imagination. They also believe in enhancing & cherish living style. This company provides the most relevant budget notes, they are more flexible and fit in everyone’s pocket. Their designs execute the best stylish, sophisticated & elegant designs. Their service includes planning, designing, management supervising, quality control, landscape service & residential service or other commercial interior facilities in Delhi. They provide the best service to our clients. The high-quality interior facilities are on-time project delivery of a few key features that make the organization one of the best architecture companies in Noida.


Nowadays opting for architect services is a common need that we all come across at some point in time. It can be a renovation, remodeling, structuring a new blueprint, or simply changing the decor for fun. Whenever we call out for professional help, we always want the best to come out of the project. These are the curated names for the best professionals in Noida who can successfully understand your needs, resources, and choices & act accordingly.

The best architectural firms in Noida that have got their names enlisted in the top 10 are all professionally dedicated teams, who have an innovative approach,  creative insights, knowledge of feasibility, and practical experience. They are capable of providing a wide range of services to clients like interior decor, exterior structuring, adding trendy furniture, and even Vaastu preferences. They are the ones who will add an extra edge of newness to your space, even though it is customized according to your taste. If you ever are ready to bring newness to your living or working space, these experts are always there to help you out, giving their dedication and skill at your service.

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