10 Best Color Combination With Purple

Purple, is a color that knocks up the imagination and calls up a sense of creativity as well as its present peace of mind with the innovative Atmosphere. Purple Is one of the best colors that suit your desirable decore house. Also, it suited those who looking for freedom of expression. Purple can be your home decore the best color if you know the basic fundamental of contracting color. You can add any color that suits your personality with the purple color. You are fully free to explore the color and find the best decore Statement on your own. Here in this article, we share a few of the best color combinations with purple which gives an amazing texture to your home or workplace.

1. Combination of Lilac & Blue

Lilac is a pale violet tone that represents the average color of most lilac flowers. Lilac color symbolizes spring and renewal. Lilac and the blue are not exactly in front of the color circle but both might share some part of characteristics. And when they come together both create the chic combo and the soft that can be worn in all sorts of ways. The Blue Lilac color hex code is #7B679A. The combination of this color schema is highly used for home interior service.


This attractive color combination you can also use with the texture of the wall to make it more tedious with common furniture. For the human eye, that color will create a highly relaxing atmosphere. Also, the color combination with lilac & blue creates a positive as well as attractive look.

2. Combination of Eggplant (Shade Of Purple) & Dark Blue

There are many colors like neutral grey, yellow, beige, and gold, that are well suited with the Eggplant color. Blue is a little bit difficult to paring with the purple because it has some amount of blue color already. If you’re not afraid of exploring the variety of colors I must say that. This dynamic Colour creates eclectic vibes. and this is the one way to spice up your traditional decor. Instead of depending on neutrals as a base. We can use them for accents like baskets and wall art. The Dark Blue & Eggplant color hex code is #614051.

Eggplant-dark Blue-color-combination

The color combination of eggplant& dark blue gives a fresh & fine look to your house. Also, it will simply give garish & extravagant to the home or office rooms.

3. Combination of Plum & Brown

Yes, plum color is likely a traditional color that likely belongs to your hall room. It looks classic and feels us welcoming. If we look to future technology, the two are not complementary colors. Purple and orange are complementary colors, being on the opposite sides of the color wheel. If the brown color is a warm burnt orange kind of brown, they’ll go together nicely with the depending on Circumstances. Plum & Brown colour hex code is #4e4247.

plum-brown color combination

This color combination creates more clear & cool look for the human eye. When you use this color combination in-room wall the vision is more eye-catchy & royal. According to the best interior designer, the plum & brown color combination is more energetic & also the best choice for home uses.

4. Combination of Dark Purple & Stone

Many people say purple is hash with many colors because it has a little bit amount of blue, dark blue, black, etc. Purple color totally has 29 different shades within and pairs it with a palette that is rooted in nature. The color makes balance provided by the Pleasurable and earthy tones creates a clean and knowledgeable look. The combination of Dark Purple and stone color is a deal choice for a modern bathroom or meditative bedroom. The hex code of Dark Blue & Stone is #809ca7.

dark purple-stone color combination

The color combination of dark purple & stone creates a relaxing environment for the home. You can use this color combination in your living space with walls & different categories of furniture for living space.

5. Combination of Purple & Dark Grey

Many people are comfortable with traditional color-pairing combinations such as black and white or tan and blue, but are not as familiar with another attractive match; purple with dark grey.  Together, grey and purple merge the serious and fun sides of your personality. Traditional decor is frequently defined by a simple and clean look. A full palette of royal grays maintains this aesthetic while purple brings in a bit of glamor and mystique. It’s the perfect color combination for a large living room that inspires.

purple & dark grey color combination

You can use this color combination to give a softer look to your house. This color has a rich royalty & relaxing climate which gives an extraordinary experience to the house owner.

6. Combination of Amethyst & Light Grey

purple’s complementary colors are basically, yellow, Green & Light Green and you can’t go wrong with a neutral grey. but for spaces you’re designing for people to gather, we can say amethyst is a must not only it is a mythical and spiritual color, but it works well with muted colors like gray. The vibrant orange hues in the dark liven up the look with a cozy and warm touch. The hex code of Amethyst and light grey is #66606d.

combination of amethyst & light grey

Many interior designers use this color combination to decorate home kitchen space & restroom areas. The light grey color is easily optimizable even in the dim light & creates exact contrast in the used space.

7. Combination of Pale Green & Purple

Sometimes natural color and organic color are the way to go. With a purple color palette that embodies vitality and intense nuances, you will have a bedroom, a bathroom, or living room with a riches of positive energy that makes you feel right at home.  In contrasting colors, purple and green go together in perfect consonance. But Complementary colors are two colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel. The shade of purples such as violet, lavender, fuchsia, magenta, or grape complement light green. Brighter purple hues invigorate the room, making it feel lively and energetic for us.

pale green & purple color combination

This highly energetic color combination at the worked place creates an energetic environment & also boosts the employee work performance. Also, the combination of pale green with purple makes your home space more attractive & dashing. In short, you can say this one is the best color combination for home & office space.

8. Combination of Mustard & Purple

On the color wheel, purple and Mustard colors are opposites, which is make them complementary. That’s why this combination always looks good in your home wallpaper borders and other stuff and your backyard or garden. For vogue looking to incorporate more purple into their wardrobe, consider this winning combo. Purple and mustard balance each other out, making you look and feel like a king. The hex code of Mustard and the purple color is (Mustard #FFDB58).

mustard & purple color combination

That color combination makes the environment more fresh, funky & modern. It can also make the environment more refreshing & cool. The purple color combination with mustered is a great symbol of royalty & strength.

9. Combination of Purple & Tan

Purple color Always works quite well with warm neutrals like tan and taupe yellow, orange, or red (pink) undertone, and sometimes even a wink o’ green.  And these colors really provide the right kind of contrast for purple to work in a design. A tan and purple combination will make the purple appear quite noticeable but also make it appear more elegant than it would with a zany orange, for instance. The hex code of Tan and the purple color is (Tan #D2B48C).

purple & tan color combination

That attractive color combination gives a natural look to your living space as well as other workplaces. Also, if you don’t want to make your room more colorful choosing the combination of purple & tan is always the best choice.

10. Combination of Dark Purple & Cream

Dark Purple(Lavender) on the color wheel, is cream’s complementary color. Complementary hues, color opposites have appealing contrast. Cream and lavender or pale purple may produce an overrefined or ultra-feminine atmosphere that is not for everyone. The purple with cream color scheme palette has 4 colors which are Purple-Heart (#69359C).

purple & cream color combination

The combination of color with cream & dark purple maintains the glamorous look of your house. The amazing & eye-catchy texture of this color refreshes your mood all the time.


As we know the purple is a more perplexing color as compared to other ones. This color is a symbol of luxury, creativity & peace. When we use this color with its perfect combination it gives a stunning look & also makes people stumped. But most of the time people get confused to find the perfect combination with purple such as different paring of color with purple.

Here in this article, we have shared the information on the best color combination with purple. The above information will help you to get the best knowledge about the color combinations with purple.

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