Best Interior Design Degree Programs of 2023

Interior designers play a significant role in creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. They ensure that all the building codes and accessibility standards are followed in the process. Starting a career in interior design can be exciting and, most importantly, rewarding. With construction work set to grow at a fast pace, the demand for interior designers is going to increase as well. You can also choose to work independently and pick clients and projects at your convenience.
A degree in interior design improves your chances of employment and ensures better pay. If you are interested in pursuing a degree in interior design, you are in the right place. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best interior design degree programs of 2023.

1. Bachelor of fine arts by Fashion Institute of Technology

Located in New York, the Fashion Institute of Technology offers a much sought-after bachelor’s program in interior design. The program helps students learn the basics of interior design and concepts like space planning, furnishings, lighting, and textures. They can also learn advanced design techniques and gain hands-on experience by applying these principles to various building types. It is a two-year bachelor’s program and includes a senior thesis project at the end of the course.

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2. Bachelor of Fine Arts by California State University

California State University offers a 4-year bachelor’s degree in interior design. It is created for students to prepare them to know everything involving interior design – from basics to high-level interior design concepts. The university places emphasis on making students learn effortlessly through practical experiences. Some more things you should know before joining this course.

● California State University is located in Long Beach, California.

● Students need to complete at least 30 credits.

● The minimum GPA required to graduate is 2.

● The curriculum includes an internship to help students improve their grasp of the fundamentals of interior design.

3. Bachelor of Fine Arts by Purdue University

Having its luscious green campus at West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University offers a much-in-demand bachelor’s program in interior design. The course enables students to learn the skills required to progress in the field of interior design. The coursework is made so that every student is trained to work at any workplace, whether residential or commercial. Upon completing the portfolio review, students can advance to higher-level courses and expand their knowledge in the field.

Final Words

Interior design is popular among students for the number of opportunities the field has and for how versatile the course is. Anyone who likes to design, modify, and beautify a space can consider doing a course in interior design. It will help you learn more about the domain and increase your employment prospects. A professional degree program in interior design ensures that you learn everything that you need to become a skilled interior designer. To ease your decision-making process, we have listed above some top interior design programs by coveted universities worldwide.

Author: Michael Carr

Michael Carr is a seasoned writer and architecture and design enthusiast. He has devoted several years to working in the content writing field and partnered with clients across the globe. When free from his work, he likes to read and watch content about design and related fields. Michael also runs his blog, guiding college students to improve their writing skills.

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