5 Easy Hacks To Decorate Student Dorm Room

What if we told you there is a way to make your small, budget-friendly apartment look chic and beautiful? And no, it doesn’t require you to spend a fortune on decor. These smart hacks can help you take your student dorm room from 0 to 100, all in the most affordable ways. To follow these hacks, you won’t need to spend a lot or invest in pricey furnishings, as the main resources you need to beautify your dorm are quite inexpensive.
Most student dorm rooms are small. Our special hacks for student dorm room decor keep this in mind and recommend tips that can be followed in small spaces. Whether you have a dorm room of your own or are sharing it with a flatmate, here are 5 easy hacks to decorate and elevate it.

1. Experiment with lighting and colors

A warm lamp with just the perfect amount of dimness or a string of fairy lights is enough to help you create a snug and cozy living space. Sticking to a neutral color palette with just a few pops of brighter color can enhance the look of your room a thousandfold. Neutral light tones are always great for small spaces, adding more light and air to the room. Using the right lighting, muted tones, and complementary colors can uplift your mood and always make you feel at home.

2. Decorate with art prints

College is a stressful and busy time. Students don’t even always have the time to learn all their lessons, which is why they rely on dom study and other similar services for their academic research needs. In such a time, it cannot be easy to think about decorating one’s dorm room. However, it does not have to be tough. A great way to decorate your room and ensure your personality shines through it. You can put your own spin on the space by printing artwork and photographs created by you or your close friends. Alternatively, you can find free images online and print them yourself for some completely free artwork.

3. Utilize storage space smartly

One thing that every college student worries about is storage. A way to make your student accommodation room look less crowded and more spacious is by using the given storage space smartly and efficiently. This includes inbuilt cupboards and under-the-bed storage. Keep all your luggage and other huge items hidden from view to make your room look nice.

Moreover, living in a dorm room can be stuffy and uncomfortable, especially during the hot summer months. But with the help of sirocco fans, you can keep your cool while adding a stylish touch to your dorm room decor. 

These sleek and modern fans come in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find one that matches your personal taste. Plus, with their compact size, they won’t take up too much space in your already cramped dorm room.

4. Add some plants

Another cool way to personalize your dorm room is to add some greenery to your space. Breathe some life into your room and improve your quality of life by adding beautiful plants such as jade, aloe vera, cacti, and others. Some plants require direct sunlight while others don’t. Make sure you do your research and pick the plants that will require little maintenance from you and can thrive in the specific condition of your room. If you have a balcony at your disposal, you can even start a small container garden there.

4. Keep your workspace clean

An important step to functioning at 100% productivity and feeling creative is to keep your workspace as clean and neat as possible. Organize messy wires and tidy up your workspace so that you can work better and think clearly. Make your desk more appealing and creative by adding photos of loved ones, nice lighting, and other important tools to help you work better. You can nail some wall art or put up a memo board for some much-needed inspiration and motivation.

Final Thoughts

Despite living in a small and stuffy dorm room, you can still live your independent college student dreams. Invest in good furniture and lighting, and the rest should fall into place. Make sure you decorate your place with things that make you happy and remind you of the good things you have in life.

Author’s Bio – Michael Carr

Michael Carr is a home and lifestyle writer who has contributed to the columns of international magazines and newspapers. Growing up, he started abroad for 4 years, and his experience living in a student dorm exposed him to a lot of the realities of life. He hopes to help young students create a safe and happy space for themselves to live in.

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