Best kitchen decoration ideas

10 Best Kitchen Decoration Ideas For Your Beautiful Kitchen

A kitchen is truly the heart of the home in terms of its importance and position but then also many people do not consider this thing that having a nice kitchen makes a difference and gives a different look indoor decoration. Nowadays, we spent more time in our kitchen than in our living space and we should know the things where it’s already raked in the kitchen. And here are the best kitchen decoration ideas that must be considered while renovating your kitchen and guest also notice the kitchen. Before touching any wall, let’s have a look at these points.

Having a well-designed kitchen is not that much difficult as you think. A great and fully designed kitchen must be beautiful and also must be functional i.e where to place all the necessities etc. Get inspired by these stylish and best kitchen decoration ideas to make it beautiful, bigger, regardless of color.

Best 10 kitchen decoration ideas

  1. The kitchen  triangle
  2. Island space
  3. Key distance
  4. Having the necessary storage space
  5. Power sockets and required switchboards
  6. Integrated appliances
  7. Carefully-curated kitchen wall design
  8. Hidden prep station
  9. Tiered Shelving
  10. Add colorful paint and pretty hardware

1. The kitchen triangle

The best and most favored spot to have a wonderful kitchen design is to have a kitchen triangle that must interconnect your (i) sink (ii) cooktop (iii) fridge by your mindset. These spots can be easily operated and not give more effort while preparation of food.

A kitchen with a smaller triangle may lead to efficiency but will run the risk of feeling crowded in the kitchen. And having a larger kitchen triangle may be spacious and give you more space for food preparation but it is more time-consuming because of more walking distance between kitchen tringle.

It’s up to you which triangle you prefer but the more important thing is that your preparation area must be in a triangle.

You must think about the prep space as it must not be extra large because the extended area remains idle you can even add a dining table with linen tablecloth by which space can remain useful and look good indoors house.”

2. Island space

This generation everyone loves the modern kitchen for looking good in-home and preparing food easily. Many people who are planning to design/redesign their kitchen always attach to a suitable model which is very much traditional. These traditional models have no innovation they just simply add their cooktops adjacent to their washbasin, which creates a great hurdle as they cannot work in their inland due to the splashback of hot and sizzling frying oils.

island space-kitchen decorating ideas

You have often seen sinks in magazines and television advertisements that are fastidiously clean but you have ever imagined a sink without a utensil the reality is something different there will be some coffee cups still to be a wash. Even we can see those items hanging outside which cannot be cleaned with the help of a dishwasher.

A good island space is a place where all the food is prep and items placed on it.

3. Key distance

After setting the space and model for your kitchen as the right place for your kitchen triangle you must have a keen eye on the distance between your dishwasher and the storage place. Just imagine the situation when you are putting your dishes at their exact location and the storage place is much farther away from the dishwasher it looks much more annoying. Minimizing those distances can reduce a lot of stress in the kitchen. If the storage area is nearby the dishwasher then emptying the dishwasher is may become a super easy and fast process for working.

4. Having the necessary storage space

Storage space is necessary for keeping the necessities required for food preparation. But if we are having an extra space which is of no use then it only makes useless noise. My kitchen is having all the storage space on one side of the three walls which leaves the kitchen open and looks nice.

storage space designing ideas

As if we are creating overhead cupboards on every wall of the kitchen then even a roomy kitchen may feel very small and dark. So it is better to have a kitchen storage space on one side of the wall.

5. Power sockets and required switchboards

One thing we usually underestimate is that the need for a power supply in the kitchen. As the days are passing intervention of modern technologies are getting more and more leverage in our life. New technologies are coming which are helping in our day-to-day life i.e for making rice there is a rice maker, for making tea there is a tea maker and many more.

Similar to these we all need the plugin for charging our mobile and also for many useful necessities in our life. Power is having more importance in our kitchen and its appliances for power supply and use it safely.

Even I too have five sockets in my kitchen out of which three are always in use so by this we are able to understand the importance of power supply/sockets in our kitchen.

And if you don’t want to show your power points then there are plenty of ways to hide them these days by using modern designs.

6. Integrated appliances

If you are in the mood to renovate your kitchen then it is worth handling to have a fully integrated appliance in your kitchen. That means setting your appliances in the cupboards or surfaces, or in the case of fridge and dishwasher giving them the same finish as you are giving to your cupboards and the remaining fixtures.

The process of integrating these appliances is a juggling process but after the integration of these appliances, it provides a great look to your kitchen with a lot of flexibility in the appliances you choose and where you put them. It is one of the most common kitchen decoration ideas that have been followed by most interior designers and renovators while rebuilding the kitchen.

7. Carefully-curated kitchen wall design

This kitchen decoration idea will help you to give a stylish look to your kitchen. You can add unique and stylish designs and patterns to the wall of your kitchen. All these beautiful designs and patterns will also help to reflect your personality and taste. A beautiful Gallery wall collection can make a boring wall interesting and attractive. You can use your favorite objects as stylish kitchen wall decor.

You can use baskets, framed album covers, fabric swatches, vintage dishes, empty antique frames, mirrors, etc to decorate your kitchen wall. Well, you can also show some of your creativity by drawing symmetrical patterns, freestyle designs & patterns to the wall. You can also add nail holes to the wall to hang the items to save energy and kitchen space.

8. Hidden prep station

If you have that much area in your kitchen then you can use create a hidden items station that will help you to manage and utilize the available space. By making a hidden items station you can create a multipurpose tool where you can do more than one task without any difficulty.

hidden prep station

A hidden items station is very useful for those areas where you have less counter space. In those areas, you can easily use them as the best alternative to reuse the space available for efficient use.

9. Tiered Shelving

tiered shelving

This technique can be used to utilize the space that has been left or is available at the wall. You can add more layers of open shelving to the top of the wall. This will help to give an apprehensive look to your kitchen.

10. Add colorful paint and pretty hardware

paint and pretty hardware

Adding attractive colors and pretty stuff is one of the best kitchen decoration ideas. As it will help to add more functionality to your regular kitchen. You can add pretty customized hardware stuff to your kitchen in order to get full advantage of the space available in the kitchen. You can also give a variant look to your kitchen by using patterned tile, turquoise paint, good looking hardware stuff. All these things can help to give a luxurious look to your kitchen.


Having a great look at your kitchen provides immense pleasure to those who are visiting your house like guests or family members. Having a great island space in the kitchen provides a great look where the bulk of all the food gets prepared and decently placed. The kitchen must be well designed after assessing its kitchen triangle which must not be more in space that is large enough and vice versa(for any extra person) in the kitchen.

A kitchen must have a decent amount of power sockets which can be used fully for power appliances for the kitchen and personal use also. And all the power appliances must be set up in the cupboards or surfaces so that they must not look odd if having some different colors.

These kitchen decoration ideas will help to give a personal and professional look to your Kitchen. They also add functionality to your kitchen.

We really suggest you whenever you are going to have the renovation of your kitchen then always remember these points while doing the same. And if want to avail of our interior and exterior design service you can contact us here.

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