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8 Best Bathroom Wall Decoration Ideas using Least Investment

Bathrooms are the place where we usually go every day. These days we give importance to the bathroom for the best design and look great. Everyone wants to have their restroom to be perfect than others but creating perfect bathroom decoration ideas is a tricky business after considering the integral and necessary practicality of it all. But then also there are certain things which can be done to meet all your needs which can act as a place to relax and unwind your mind.

The foremost important thing which you must upgrade in your bathroom involves lighting. As lighting has a great effect on the human mind and in the recent Swedish study it was found that healthy lighting paired with the right color affects your mood too. But the most painful hurdle that we face while renovating the restroom is that they are not much spacious as they are required.

But then also we can do much more in a small-sized bathroom there are handy techniques which help you to make your bathroom which may feel like a place where you want to move again and again.

Here are the best 8 bathroom or washroom wall decoration ideas

How to decorate or give a new & fresh look to your bathroom is not much challenging. By using small tips you can do it in a very simple way. Here get the list of a few easiest ways to decorate your bathroom,

1. Paint

Paint is the real renovation part that adds value to any wall and for creating or making a good look. Now in these days, there is no need to choose shiny paint to keep away the moisture and mildewing, simply we have to add an additive to matte paint for keeping it away from all the mildewing and moisture problems.

And while painting your wall you need to paint the cabinet too with semi-glossy paints.

2. Lighting and fixture replacements

There is a great variety of affordable lighting fixtures and they can be replaced by expending a minimal amount. The major thing that we have to do is to replace the outdated fixture with the new design to have a glossy look in our washroom.

Upgrade your bathroom with the most trending lights i.e with LED lights which are more energy-efficient and don’t heat up your bathrooms. Usually, the most trending one includes the hanging pendants and light bars that are very much helpful in diffusing in your bathrooms and the remaining restrooms.

lighting with storage space-bathroom decorating ideas-

3. Maximizing storage

When we are in the mood to renovate our bathroom this is the most important thing that we must maximize the storage. But if you are having a space challenge then there are handy techniques to improve on existing space.

  • Adding pull drawers into a cabinet is an easy update that doesn’t require any alterations.
  • Adding a floating wall shelf which improves the storage.
  • Adding a furniture style cabinet to the room.

4. Work of art on bathrooms wall

As art only doesn’t have a place in the living space and also for the bathroom wall as no one likes to see plain walls in the washroom. As after using a treated paint which keeps away the moisture and mildew from the walls. For a unique look go to a local painter who has done this type of work and ask him to show his creativity on the plain wall.

While thinking of bathroom decorators we must think beyond a canvas print as canvas prints are easily available and can be laminated for water resistance but a wall gallery with favorite objects like starfish, flying birds, and many more.

5. Redecorate existing tile

If your tile is boring or does not look attractive then you can do much more about this simply by removing and providing a new design to that tile and adjusting it to the same place. They are easy to cut and install and can be removed without damaging the surface.

6. Upgrading the Hardware in modern style

This is the easiest way to renovate your house by upgrading your bathroom hardware as drawer pulls, toilet bars & toilet paper holders but it is not cheap as the remaining described above.

But this thing can be improved in many ways simply by purchasing the new hardware and installing it on your own. To make this project cheap and easy be assured that the screw size is equal to the previous one.

Upgrading the hardware and textiles

7. Upgrading your textiles

Know you are in the last stage of decorating your bathroom as this is the last and most important thing for renovating your restroom. Go and remove all your old and mismatched towels, and add some new soft towels. An accurate color or pattern would be having a modern design touch.

And for having a modern touch we must add these textiles to your bathroom,

  • Towel
  • Floor mat
  • Shower curtain

If you are having some color of your towel and floor mat then you must add the shower curtain of the same matching that adds pop to your bathroom.

8. Adding floor planks

Today in this modern scenario adding an affordable floor plank as adding these are as simple as adding hardware for up-gradation. And it can be easily available in nearby home improvement stores with a variety of wooden species. They create a great look and much like a real wood floor or stone tile would. The installation of this wooden plank is as simple as scoring by the blade, peeling & sticking it. The best part is that they are waterproof and come with long warranties against wear and tear.


These are the best ways to have the best renovation of the bathroom in the most innovative with the least investment. With the simple investment, you can renovate your washroom up to its last and make it more pleasant even before simply by adding some lights, modern hardware, upgrading new textiles & many more. And if want to avail of our interior and exterior design service you can contact us here.

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