After Hours Home GP

3 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing An After Hours Home GP in Newcastle

Newcastle, which is affectionately referred to as Newie by the locals, is the second-biggest city located in the New South Wales of Australia. It is a harbour city well-known for its cool cafes and plenty of breathtaking beaches. The city has a thriving economy and rapid-growing healthcare industry, which includes home-doctor services. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that one in fourteen (7.2%) individuals engage with an after-hours doctor.

The emergence of home-visit doctor services in the healthcare industry has given patients in some parts of Australia, including Newcastle, access to after-hours medical care during late nights, over the weekend, and even on public holidays.

After Hours Home GP

Before opting for a doctor to your door Newcastle, here are five essential factors you need to consider.

Factor #1: Credibility and reputation of doctors

A doctor needs to possess the right knowledge and clinical experience to be able to perform well during a home visit. Pediatric expertise, for instance, is critical when treating an ill child, which accounts for about half of doctors’ home visits. It is usual for home visit doctor services to employ general practitioners (GPs), GP trainees, and hospital physicians at multiple phases of their training.

Generally, a home visit GP must be capable of executing the following services:

  • Diagnose and treat common acute disorders in both children and adults.
  • Determine whether the patient is too ill for home management and needs urgent assessment in the emergency department. Home visit GP services with doctor triage systems are preferable.
  • Efficiently deal with the patients at home when they are well enough to get discharged from the hospital. Doctors with insufficient experience may cause patients to be unnecessarily referred to a hospital, leading to pressure on the emergency department and poor taxpayers’ value.
  • Seek the best advice from a senior medical practitioner when encountering complicated cases. Even for seasoned doctors, rare or complex cases can be managed well with a fruitful discussion to a more senior colleague. Hence, house doctor services should have a senior GP available at any time.

Home GPs should also have sufficient experience in the Australian healthcare system since this will result in a better understanding of how the system works and, in turn, lead to more competent healthcare decisions. Also, patients should consider the doctor selection system that the service provider has in place. Apart from clinical experience, the after-hour doctor providers should live up to their reputation and promised services, especially when it comes to waiting times.

Factor #2: Duration of consultation

Consultation contributes to a significant part of the healthcare journey. However, some after-hours home GP services may prioritise the quantity of reviewed cases rather than the quality and length of consultations. Contacting the service providers to inquire about their consultation services is an excellent way to ensure their consultation length matches the patients’ expectation.

Factor #3: Education resources for patients

Patients should pick doctors with additional educational resources that can educate them thoroughly on how to manage their conditions appropriately and offer clear instructions about necessary follow-ups. That is why when arranging a doctor to your door in Newcastle would be best if you could contact the doctors beforehand to discuss your conditions. This strategy would allow the doctor to have enough time to review your medical history and give you the best advice for managing your health.


Out-of-hours doctors who can visit and treat you and your loved ones at home at any time can be extremely beneficial, especially when you have a sick kid. To ensure you get the best after-hours doctor services, be sure to consider the doctors’ experience and reputation, their average consultation duration, and the educational resources available for you after the consultation.

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