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WORKSPACE DESIGN (Increase productivity with Nature and good Lighting)

Workplace design is part of designing and dispose of a workplace to optimize worker performance and safety. Generally, a good workplace design contains good lighting, which can boost productivity and well.

If you had tried every step (even changing the workplace location) and you didn’t get any good result in productivity or well being of employees, You can try natural and good lighting arrangement to increase your productivity.

Importance of Workspace Design

Before looking at the way of design, look at the importance of workspace and also why workspace plays an important role in the failure or success of a company or forum.

Workspace Design

☞ It is important for the health and safety issues of the workers.

☞ To protect them from high-risk environments (construction site), Low-risk workplaces (office) for your company.

☞ The importance of workers with workplace design is increasing rapidly because of the safety routine functions perform and efficiently conduct emergency safety procedures.

☞ In the design of the workplace, you have to focus on nature, quality, air quality, and good lighting to increase the productivity and safety faith of workers.

☞ If employees are working in good light or daylight the stress ratio decreases up to 15 to 25%. They can also take a nap to relax (according to Northwestern University in Chicago).

☞ Natural light helps to maintain workers’ health by decreasing eye risk, pressure, and mental stress.

Workers in the office near window side sleep 46 minutes more per night and they are in deep sleep.

How to increase productivity with Nature and good Lighting or Daylight?

How to increase productivity with Nature and good Lighting or Daylight?

Workspace Design is the best way to increase productivity with lighting. According to research workers learning, Creativity and productivity increase due to the clear vision of the product and there making. Eco-Business release a data according to that good light or daylight for the worker can increase productivity in between 5 and 40%. And make the employees work in good health condition without any stress or less workload.

Connection Of Workspace Design with Productivity

Businesses encourage their employees mentally and physically both to increase productivity and revenues. But sometimes they fail to generate more productivity, it may occur due to the failure of the employees or mechanical problems.

If these conditions are not happening, and you are getting less productivity then it may occur due to lack of natural or good light near to your office or industry.

Movement opportunities:

☞ Do you work with proper care, but that care is only done in the light. Example- If you are good in productivity and you aren’t able to see the working machine or vision is not clear, then how you can increase productivity.

☞ Don’t try to make employee work continuously, Break up their work time in a different slot. Because continuous working increases stress and stressed mind never do more productivity than a free mind.

Plants decor importance in Workplace Design

Workplace Design

☞ Sometimes unexpected changes can give a wide effect on productivity.

☞ Small Plants on the desk helps you to focus on work.

☞ Plants release oxygen which gives freshness to the body So, indirectly productivity increases.

☞ In 2014, the company of the United Kingdom starts following the plant desk pattern(Every desk having a plant).

☞ 15% of productivity increases due to plants in the workplace.

Smart Gadgets increase productivity

☞ Help to reduce the workload. example- Alexa for any search result.

☞ Reduce the risk(Automatic power supply with remote).

☞ The alarm system decreases the wastage of the product.

☞ Working Speed increase so, productivity also increase.

☞ Try to add smart gadgets in your workspace design.

Cleaning of Workspace Design

☞ Help to reduce illness.

☞ Help workers to focus on their work.

☞ Cleaning leads to smart work.

☞ Cleaning helps you to get unnecessary items and maintaining the habit.

Personalize your working space according to you.

☞ You can add a pic of family members or natural beauty canvas.

☞ The choice of flower on the desk is dependent upon you.

☞ Cleaning helps you to increase activity speed.

☞ Try to connect emotionally with your work.

☞ You can use a desktop calendar to get your daily output results.

☞ Your fixed working chair or place is good for you.

Workspace Design on the basis of Natural or good light to increase productivity

Workspace Design on the basis of Natural or good light to increase productivity

Direct light of nature, can’t be avoided by any workspace designer because Natural light is best in every condition. The ratio of eye damage and mental stress is reduced if your workspace is near a light source. And if the workspace is near the gardens or a park then it makes the employes positive and active towards the work and avoids the stress them.

Biophilic Design importance for Workplace.

☞ The nature-inspired workplace is not new for us but it is also true, biophilic design is best for the health of the employee and increasing productivity.

☞ Biophilic Design provide freshness all the time, you will feel the same energy level from morning to evening.

Natural Light Importance

☞ Help to brighten up a room along with that you have a feeling of feeling alive.

☞ It reduces the contrast of artificial light to protect your eyes.

Ways of decoration for workspace

Try to arrange your desk near the window from a source of sunlight.

☞ Are the chair and table comfortable for you, don’t adjust it, select the best?

☞ Select the working desk according to your choice with photos and flowers.

☞ If you are working in the night then avoid doing work in deem light.

Workstation Special Design That Adds Something In Office

Workspace supplies and goods are places we like to work regularly. Enjoy yourself by doing something you would not normally do. Luxury office supplies cause any work to feel more enjoyable. Amazing stationery and pens that you can use each day. Select the dshell design to help you maintain your workspace beautiful.

Selecting the resources into a new PC, tablet, or innovation to help you get as much benefit from your work time as possible. If you are choosing a mat for your office, consider an ideal concept that makes an office like home. It is a work of art, a piece of timeless, which will be going long for a long-lasting year.


Always try to motivate your employees to increase productivity by following the above guideline for Workspace design. Don’t ignore the light source in your office to maintain your product production.

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